Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why a holistic wellness center?

Answer: At Ancora, we trust our clients as experts in their lives. That means we understand that each individual knows what they need for wellness. Sometimes it’s talking to someone. Other times, it’s exploring what food we’re nourishing ourselves with. Or maybe you need to see our naturopath to talk about other options. 

Having all these services under one roof means that we can work collaboratively towards your goals, without you driving around or signing ROIs or telling your story over and over again.

Question: What is counseling and why is it included?

Answer: Depends on the person. For some, counseling is learning tools and tricks to help them in everyday life. For others, there is a solid goal in mind and we’re there for strategizing, accountability, and an objective voice. Some people just need someone to talk to and our sessions are “emotional vomit”.  I would recommend a free consultation to talk about your needs. 

Counseling is included because the mind and body are interconnected. Our mental health is impacted by how we’re feeling physically (and visa versa). At Ancora, we see you as a whole- not segmented parts.

Question: Who do you provide counseling for?

Answer: At Ancora we welcome everyone. We provide counseling for individuals, couples, and groups.

Question: Okay, so do you take insurance?

Answer: We currently accept some insurance plans including OHP (not Open Card), United Healthcare, UMR, and Lyra. We are currently negotiating to accept Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Aetna and Providence. Please reach out to us to see if yours is included. The insurance industry is part of why wellness is so segmented and non client-centered. Insurance also means labels, timelines, and paperwork.  

We are actively doing research and negotiations with various insurance plans to offer our care to more people. But we’re also making sure that the plans will support the wellness services we have to offer.

Question: What kinds of services are you providing?

Answer: Right now, we have naturopathic care, nutritionist services, Reiki and mental health counseling. We have a variety of counselors available to serve you (and they all have different styles). We are looking for more professionals, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, and more. Visit our employment page for more information.

Question: What is the first step?

Answer: Our providers all offer free 20(ish) minute virtual consultations. We don’t get too deep into what’s bringing you to our services (not until you sign the fancy paperwork), but we do talk about your needs, answer questions you may have, and get to know one another. If it’s not a good fit in terms of personality- that’s totally okay. Particularly for our counseling clients- we want to make sure it’s a good fit. Studies show that good rapport leads to good treatment outcomes.

Question: What is Nutrition? Who needs it?
Answer: Nutrition is a practice based in research and science of how our bodies utilize nutrients from food to maintain health and vitality. It is also an art and a deeply individualized necessity that we all participate in daily to survive and thrive. Everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, needs proper nutrition and food to support bodily functions, energy needs, and overall well-being. Nutrition encompasses the idea that food also serves purposes outside of just sustenance. Food fuels us emotionally, connects us to heritage, and brings joy into our lives.