A Nutritionist’s Guide to enjoying a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving can bring up a lot of stress and guilt because we typically eat differently on this day. For some folks, this may bring up feelings of needing to punish themself afterward for their choices, and for others, it may mean they have to earn their choices on Thanksgiving by exercising extra or by skipping … Read more

What To Expect at a Nutritionist Appointment

If you’ve decided to get some professional support from a nutritionist, congratulations on taking that step. The more you learn about how to fuel your body, the better. Understanding what to expect at a nutritionist appointment can help you make the most of your time there. The team at Ancora Wellness understands that your body’s … Read more

What Is It Like to Work with a Naturopathic Doctor?

Most Western adults grew up going to a traditional medical provider for well-child visits, ear infections, and other ailments. But more and more people are now turning to naturopathic medicine for their care and their families’ care. Since it’s still a newer type of medical practice in the US, many people wonder what it is … Read more